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Scoliosis is a common disease, especially among students who are sitting in the wrong position, office workers sitting long and in the wrong position, or heavy workers carrying. There are two types of scoliosis without deformed structure and scoliosis with structural deformities. Scoliosis is not deformed structure is not disturbed when standing on the side of crooked curves, the disease is common in long legs, short legs, abdominal discus ...
Scoliosis is a form of structural distortion that is still standing on the side of the crooked curve, a common congenital disease. According to Western medicine, the treatment of scoliosis most likely undergoes surgery. Symptoms of back pain, severe, patients with hump, crooked, compressed the vertebrae leading to muscle atrophy, causing vasospasm, circulatory can not nourish, reduce movement, great effect To labor and living.
Regarding treatment, in the case of scoliosis, the treatment is mainly to reposition the sitting posture, work properly. Then the patient can follow the following methods.
Lesson 1 - Lying: The patient is usually on a hard bed, using a cushioning pillow to get the correct posture.
Lesson 2 - Standing: When the scoliosis of the spine is lower than the shoulder should heal, so to balance the shoulder, the patient often exercises stand shoulder. Accordingly, raise the raised hand side up high, straight on the wall, hold this posture for 30 seconds, day from 10 to 20 times.
Lesson 3 - Flexibility: Use curved chairs to stretch the spine. The patient lying on a chair, relaxed, headed toward the ground, performed in two positions: Position 1 (2 hands squeezed on the nape, 2 legs stretched out on the chair, Lifting about 10 times, then leaning to the left, right 15 times each Side posture (patient sitting on the chair, two legs squeezed into the arm chair as a fulcrum, two hands squeezed on the nape of the neck Pulling the person from sitting to sitting position, then tilt his head, he left and right 15 times.
VINH DUC is applying the methods of physiotherapy for short wave, infrared, acupressure, massage, spine mobility, motor exercise PW ... to treat, bring treatment effect very High, is a reliable address for patients with myopathy.

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