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Sciatica is a common disease in the 30-60s. In addition to pathological causes such as lesions in the lumbar spine, nerve root compression, lumbar disc herniation, other lumbar disc herniations (congenital malformations, traumatic anomalies Lumbar spine degeneration, tumors, spondylitis, spondylitis from infection), the risk of sciatic nephropathy is increased in cases of heavy manual labor, posture; Professionally occupied positions such as loading workers, circus performers, weightlifting athletes ...

Zone of sciatica

Signs of disease awareness
The cranial nerve is the longest in the body, stretching from the waist to the toes. The main function of the strings is to regulate the sensation, nutrition and movement of the legs, especially the legs.
Sciatic nerve pain is characterized by pain spreading along the thighs along the posterior ligament root 5 (L5) and the nerve root 1 (S1). If the L5 nerve root is damaged, there is a longitudinal pain from the back of the waist down from the artery of the lower leg to the toe of the third toe. If the S1 nerve root is damaged, the pain goes back to the back of the ass, straight down the thigh, back from the thigh to the outside of the foot. If the upper nerve (hip sore) is sick, the pain usually goes up above the knee; If the nerves are below the pain to the ankle outside the foot.
Pain between the spine or one sideways, increased pain when shaking (ride through the hole, stumbled into the rock).
- Feelings spread from the back, deviated to one side buttocks, thighs, heel, heel. Or see the opposite pain, from the heels up.
- Tingling when coughing, sneezing, laughing.
- Spine hard, pain when moving or leaning.
- Difficulty bending down because of pain.
- If you travel a lot, stand many, many sitting in a day, pain may recur. Increased pain when feet stomping on the ground, coughing hard, sneezing, ...
It is possible to see muscular dystrophy if pain persists.

In case of mild illness, the patient is still walking and working normally, but the pain can cause discomfort, affecting the life and work of the patient. If you are seriously ill, it will affect your life and your ability to work. If no treatment kip time, the disease can leave the complications such as weakness muscle, numbness, loss of sensation, difficulty walking, urinating difficult ...
How treatment?
When the patient sees signs of sciatica, he or she will need to go to a specialist medical facility for the doctor to diagnose, diagnose, and diagnose treatment. Depending on the cause of the disease, there are appropriate treatments. In acute pain patients need to rest, avoid strong movement and can take medication as directed by the doctor. If severe disease does not relieve or have complications such as muscle weakness, muscular atrophy, severe pain, recurrent pain, the doctor will appoint surgery.
Limit the risk of disease
To prevent sciatica we need to take preventive measures such as: Do not overwork, do the wrong posture. Avoid standing or sitting for too long. If you have to work long hours, you should always stand up and do physical exercises between hours. Should stand on straight, not shoulder, hunchback. Ensure proper posture when standing, sitting, carrying, carrying, or lifting heavy objects. To prevent excessive weight on the spine, it is possible to wear a belt when carrying heavy loads, so that the weight of the item is evenly distributed on both sides of the body, without carrying heavy objects on one side or for extended periods of time. Avoid all injuries to the spine, avoid falling ass ass to the ground, should not jump from above, do not change the position suddenly, ...
In addition to the prevention of sciatica, it is necessary to exercise regularly to improve physical strength, apply exercises to enhance the toughness, strength of the back muscles along the spine, abdominal muscles and increase. Softness of the spine. Timely treatment of degenerative diseases of the spine.
When there are signs of disease, it is necessary to go to the medical establishment for the specialists to determine the cause and extent of the disease so as to have appropriate treatment indication, limiting the complications that may cause serious consequences. To the health and ability to work.

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