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Spinal spinal stenosis is a degenerative spondylitis disease in which the spine develops spines that bind to the nerve roots, bone marrow and impede bone movement.

dau hieu dau gai cot song


There are also a number of issues that are also considered to be the causes of thoracic spine formation:

• Trauma, accident.

• genetic influences.

• Rheumatoid arthritis.

• The body is too physically inactive, or in the wrong position.

• Poor diets that cause depression or excessive obesity.


  *** Treatment for acute pain:

   Patients need to rest, relax, not so long posture, a position to avoid blood circulation difficult.

   Can heat, massage gently to relieve pain. Massage therapies, infrared physiotherapy, shortwave, electro pulse, rehabilitation are good and not harmful.

   Avoid hot oils such as bear bile and other high-grade foods that can cause muscle spasms to cause pain.

 *** Treatment in the long run:

   Treatment in the hospital after diagnosis, screening such as acupuncture, stretching the spine, physical therapy, surgery.

   The treatment according to western medicine, oriental medicine under the guidance of the doctor.

   Should limit the causes of diseases from habit. Use physiotherapy, physical exercise such as swimming in hot water.

   Yoga is also a way to reduce body weight on the vertebrae, while relaxing the affected muscles.

   Surgery is performed when there is pressure on the pulp, narrowing of the canal or nerve roots of the spine. However, it is not always taken away that the disease will be effective because the bone can grow back in the same position.

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