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Lumbar spinal degeneration not only has a serious impact on your health, your work, and the quality of your life, but it can even cause permanent disability if you are not treated promptly and The right method.

Degenerative lumbar spine


Degenerative lumbar spondylosis is a common osteoarthritis that is not common to new and old people. Statistics show that in recent years the number of young people with lumbar spine degeneration has also increased and alarmingly.
Symptoms usually seen in people with lumbar spine degeneration are those who will have pain, dull aching pain in the back, pain that may spread to the buttocks, thighs, back legs, numbness of the feet, toes foot. Pain in the acute stage, when patients rest, does not exercise will reduce the pain. However, when the movement, such as walking, work, the pain again. As the disease progresses, in addition to feeling pain in the back and legs, the person may have limited mobility, difficulty walking, even muscle weakness. In addition, when degrading the pressure to other organs will be accompanied by manifestations such as: urine, urinary incontinence, ...
To support the treatment of degenerative lumbar spinal degeneration, it is first necessary to determine the cause of Degeneration.

Causes of degenerative lumbar spine
How to support treatment of degenerative lumbar spine
Currently, the drugs have analgesic effect, but this is a temporary solution, because of long-term use will cause drug resistance, drug resistance, further the side effects of Antibiotics are also a concern of many patients today. The method of supporting the treatment of lumbar spine degeneration by applying the healing techniques of traditional medicine is to use traditional medicine remedies prepared from herbs considered as a safe cure. , Effective, low cost and no side effects are widely accepted in patients with osteoarthritis and applied therapeutic support.
Applying physiotherapy and rehabilitation techniques when detecting lumbar spine degeneration is also a highly effective treatment support with the following advantages: Patients do not have to undergo the process. Painful surgery, do not use drugs, antibiotics to relieve pain so the patient does not have to worry about the side effects affecting the liver, kidneys, stomach. The cost of medical examination and treatment is low in accordance with living standards of patients.
Physical therapy techniques such as shortwave, thermal therapy, ultrasound, spinal stretch, acupuncture, rehabilitation with motor exercises also help relieve pain, increase circulation In the deep tissues, therefore, increase the nutritional area of ​​the lesions, at the same time increase the excretion of inflammatory substances, blood circulation ... Only patient persist in training and adhere to the treatment support program of Doctors will not get any worse and may be able to avoid surgery.


How to support the treatment of degenerative lumbar spine
Vinh Duc Rehabilitation Clinic with a team of physicians who have many years of experience in specialized rehabilitation and medical care always provide the most accurate diagnosis and diagnosis, providing supportive regimens. Rehabilitation treatment is appropriate for each patient, with a team of technicians with high professional level, dedicated in the process of medical examination and treatment.
The center is also equipped with modern machines such as spine stretchers, shortwave machines, ultrasound machines, thermotherapy, electrotherapy ... to serve medical examination and treatment. At present, we are examining and treating rehabilitation for many patients suffering from diseases of osteoarthrosis, traumatic rehabilitation, surgery, rehabilitation after sequelae


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