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Vinh Duc is a top Chiropractic Rehabilitation Center in Vietnam

About us

VINH DUC Rehabilitation Clinic specializing in treatment of musculoskeletal dislocation NEVER NEED SURGERY. With diseases treated such as spinal cord degeneration, disk herniation, cerebral palsy, cerebrovascular accident, rehabilitation after stroke, postoperative traumas, ...


Become a provider of quality recovery services in the country and abroad.


End patient treatment. Additional - adds value to employees.


Professional staff is clean, always trained morally. Modern technical equipment, constantly innovated. Financial capacity is strong. Professional management system.

Coming to Vinh Duc Center for Rehabilitation, you will receive the care of dedicated doctors, technicians with high expertise, many years of experience, always considerate and caring care. patient. Your patients will be listened to share and answer their questions and concerns.

Vinh Duc Rehabilitation Center has professional support and links directly with major hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, the Center also links with experts in the field of Mechanical - Bone - Joint of countries around the world. Therefore, we are confident that we will bring the best medical services to people of equal quality in advanced countries in the region.

We always pay great attention to the investment in facilities and modern machines for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Create a professional, friendly, patient-centered work environment. Building a brand Vinh Duc beautiful, developed for the benefit of the community, contributing to change the face of the health sector in Vietnam. It is also a shared place to provide medical knowledge to people to help people understand more deeply to prevent illness, have more health and bring happiness to every home.

VINH DUC has now perfected itself with the most modern equipment in Vietnam, with unique techniques combined with Western and Western medicine combined successfully treated the disease: disc herniation, spine column Living, degenerative spine, sciatic nerve ...

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